def-1new iaWith her love of diverse cultures and her appreciation for beautiful stylish design & hand-crafted goods, Carol Fonds created Indigenous Artworks in 2001. Her philosophy is to collaborate with indigenous peoples to help them sustain their livelihood by keeping their craftsmanship & creativity alive.

‘The Mayan Collection’ showcases the colorful, intricate beadwork of the Mayan Indian Woman of Guatemala. The intricately designed bracelets & handbags are handmade by hundreds of craftswomen combining the highest quality glass beads imported from the Czech Republic who create these colorful, one-of-a-kind pieces.


They reflect the creative artistic culture of the Mayan people. And in the spirit of Fair Trade, Carol provides these skilled artisans with much needed supplies, including eyeglasses, backpacks, and school supplies. After the devastating mudslides of 2005, a percentage of sales was also used to pave the school. We would like to thank our customers for their support in this effort.


‘The Bali & Java Artist Collection’ is a selection of uniquely designed bracelets, earrings & pendants of which combine semi-precious stones of tiger-eye, amethyst, turquoise & more. Carol has added many of her own designs to the collection as well, incorporating copper, horn & stones into her unique pieces. Indigenous Artworks is proud to represent the skilled craftsmanship of Javanese silversmiths while using only the highest quality Balinese sterling silver. We also present a new line of loose-knit colorful rayon tops & the creative combination of parachute dress/skirts. We hope you enjoy these exciting new designs as much as we do from the diverse culture of the Balinese & Javanese Indigenous people.

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