Hi All –

Pretty relaxed day in Bali watching the ducks walk single file around the rice fields . Getting alot of work done & designing some nice new styles I’m excited about!  It’s always interesting to see the designs come to life. Riding my bike around town, swimming, yoga & showering 3 times a day . It’s HOT !  The seafood grill was delicious tonight while listening to a jazz band . And the ginger, lemongrass fizz’s are very refreshing . Anyone know where we can find lemongrass in Chicago?  (Recipe) Boil lemongrass, fresh crushed ginger & strain it into iced glass: add club soda. Add liquid palm sugar if you want it sweetened. Hmmm…where to find liquid palm sugar ? (I think the Asian grocer on Belmont)

Bali life keeps surprising as I watch the locals in their ritual lives . The festival was like Christmas here with decorations, offerings , & ceremonial dressed people everywhere . I rode through the village & saw a good sized snake in the road .  I probably ate it for dinner that night without realizing it . Sometimes the food can come as a surprise if you eat at the local joints . But I’m pretty careful .

Meeting folks from around the world & enjoying the chill of it all.

Taking in the stars, bright & shiny, Orion overhead & Venus & Jupiter crossing …

Goodnight from the equator…..


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